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Welcome to Country Acres Bookkeeping

An Important Step toward Financial Success

Hey there!

My name is Becky Turner, I'm the owner and bookkeeper at Country Acres Bookkeeping. I'm a wife to my amazing husband, Chris. We have four awesome children and three fur babies- so there's no shortage of love and chaos in our home! I'm passionate about the outdoors and natural and holistic living. I love cooking healthy meals for our family and raising and growing our own food. I want to teach our children how to live a self sustainable life; depending less on others, and more on our own skills and abilities.


My goal with Country Acres Bookkeeping, is to provide a valuable, trustworthy service so you can invest your time into growing your business. Allow us to focus on the behind-the-scenes details and moving parts that keep your business running successfully, so that, ultimately, you are able to spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

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How We Operate

For individuals and businesses alike, dealing with  accounting and financial planning consumes precious moments that could be spent elsewhere. Whether you want to spend more free time with friends and family or focus on strategic decision-making for your business, working with Country Acres Bookkeeping can help.

We provide a wide array of financial management services for our clients, freeing them up to enjoy the most rewarding parts of living their lives and running their businesses. Get in touch today to entrust our team with your finances.

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